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Pressure Control Switch Water Flow Control

A pressure control switch is a device that monitors the pressure of a fluid or gas and activates a switch when the pressure reaches a certain level. These switches are often used in applications where it is important to maintain a specific pressure level, such as in water systems, pneumatic systems, and hydraulic systems.
Water flow control, on the other hand, refers to the ability to regulate the flow of water in a system. This can be done through a variety of methods, including the use of valves, pumps, and other mechanical devices. The purpose of flow control is to ensure that water is delivered at a consistent rate and pressure, which is important in many applications, such as irrigation, firefighting, and water treatment.
In some cases, pressure control switches and water flow control devices may be used together in a single system. For example, a pressure control switch could be used to monitor the pressure of water in a system, while a flow control device could be used to regulate the flow of water to maintain a consistent pressure. Together, these devices can help to ensure that water is delivered reliably and efficiently in a wide range of applications.
A pressure control switch, sometimes called a flow switch, is an electronic device that is usually installed at the outlet of your pump to monitor the flow of water and trigger pre-set actions when it is necessary. These devices are essential for the smooth running of your system.
Pressure switches work by detecting the change in water pressure that is supplied by the well and opening or closing an electrical circuit when the set pressure is reached, depending on the type of switch. These switches can also be used to control fire sprinkler systems or to activate an alarm based on a specific condition.
Various types of pressure switches are available including:
Mechanical - Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC). A NO switch stays open when the pressure is within an acceptable range and closes when the pressure drops outside the acceptable range.
Piston - Shuttle and Inline versions are available to meet the needs of your application and can be inserted directly into the piping with a threaded connection or inline, like our PSR Paddle Flow Switch.
Thermal - Inline and insertion mount options are available to meet the needs of your application. A thermal probe, which measures the temperature of the flow, is inserted into the pipe where it will be located in the stream of the flow and the housing with the electronics generally sits affixed to the outside of the pipeline.

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