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The pump controller will prompt which pumps are faulty

The water pump controller is a device specially used to protect the water pump. It can give the best protection to the water pump in the case of various voltage and current problems, and avoid the water pump from causing major damage due to current and voltage problems. At the same time, various faults of the pump can also be displayed, allowing technicians to quickly and accurately find the cause of the fault. So which pump faults will the pump protector prompt?
1. Sensor circuit failure
If the water pump protector shows that the sensor in the water pump has a circuit fault, then use a multimeter to connect the sensor in series, check the circuit current of the sensor, and judge the faulty circuit by characteristics such as wrong polarity and delay. If it is uncertain which sensor loop the leak alarm belongs to, the current to the sensor should also be measured in order to find the sensor without removing the pump.
2. Ground fault
If the pump has a ground fault, a stable pump protector can also be displayed. At this time, the technician should check whether there is an abnormality in grounding on the signal core wire, and if there is, prevent the false leakage indication caused by it. When checking for ground faults, use the ohmic range of the multimeter for testing instead of voltages greater than 500 volts, and measure between each sensor lead and the ground.
3. Leakage failure
If there is a fault in the leakage of the water pump, it can also be checked through the response of the water pump protector. When a leak alarm occurs, a resistor of less than 500 ohms can be connected to the sensor output of the pump for detection, but it should be noted that there will be a delay before the leak light turns on during detection.
Since the water pump protector can display some short-term occurrences of the water pump during operation, the technicians can quickly find the crux of the problem by scheduling according to the displayed fault indication, so that the problem can be solved in time to restore the water pump to normal. Therefore, in order to improve work efficiency, you should buy from high-quality manufacturers and learn more about whether the quality of the water pump protector is reliable.

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