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What Is a Float Switch?

A Float Switch is a type of level sensor that detects the level of a liquid in a tank. It can be used to operate a pump, act as an indicator or alarm, or control other devices. In some cases, a float switch can be used to detect a low water level to prevent flooding or other situations.

Float switches are widely used in industrial processes. They detect the level of a liquid by detecting changes in its density. In addition to measuring the level of a liquid, float switches also work as a gauge for foaming, conductivity, pressure, and vacuum. These switches are suitable for most types of liquids, and their contact-free design makes them easy to use in a variety of applications.

When installed in a liquid tank, a float switch operates by opening and closing a circuit as the level of the liquid changes. Most float switches use a magnetic reed switch. In this type, the two wires from the top of the switch complete the circuit when the float reaches its low point. If the float reaches the bottom of the tank, the switch closes the circuit and triggers an alarm or other device.

Float switches can be used for various types of water tank applications. They are used to monitor the water level in overhead or underground tanks and do not require any other sensors. Float switches can also be used to control backup alarms and pumps.

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