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Features of Pump Automatic Pressure Control Controllers

If you're a homeowner who has been experiencing frustrations and hassles with your pump pressure control set up, you may be considering investing in a new automatic pump controller. These controllers can be useful for both existing plumbing systems and those that are being installed for the first time.
The controller has a few features that can help it perform to its best and prevent many of the common problems associated with a pump pressure control set-up. Some of the main features include:
1. Automatically stops and restarts the pump if it's blocked due to inlet water pressure. This gives the homeowner peace of mind that their pump will still be able to run even if they're away for extended periods of time.
2. Intelligently calculates the starting pressure of the pipeline. It uses a percentage calculation method which is automatically calculated from the stopping pressure of the pipeline to determine the starting pressure.
3. The controller has a self prime timer which means it will automatically start the pump when there is a demand for water before shutting off if it's not used in a short period of time. This feature is extremely helpful when the system is not being used for long periods of time and can save you money on your water bill.
4. The device has a large LCD that displays both measured pressure and starting / stopping pressure at the same time. This allows for simpler and more intuitive operation.

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