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What Is a Well Pump Pressure Switch?

A pressure switch is an important part of any well pump system. It controls the pump by detecting changes in water pressure and turning it on or off automatically at pre-set pressures. It is used with submersible well pumps and jet pumps.A well pump pressure switch is a mechanical device with a spring to set pressure and electrical contacts that allow current to flow through them when they are touched together. Over time, the springs can become loose and the electrical contacts may get corroded or detach completely.
The switch can also be clogged with debris such as dirt, spiderwebs, insects, cocoons and mold and mildew. It may simply need to be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly.If your pump isn’t turning off when it should or won’t shut off when it should and the water pressure is at or above the cut-out pressure, you probably have a bad switch. You’ll need to call a professional well pump technician to check the system.
Frequently, pressure switches are found in basements and garages; however, they can also be located next to pool equipment or outside somewhere on your property. They can be a simple plastic or metal enclosure that’s attached to the pump motor or they can have an auto/off lever and unloader valve.
There are two types of pressure switches, normally open (NO) and normally closed (NC). The NO switch has two sets of electrical contacts that are connected by terminals to allow power from an external source to pass through them when they touch.

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