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What Is a Water Pump Controller?

A Water Pump Controller is an electronic device that controls a water pump, which can save you money on your utility bill and extend the life of the pump. It also allows you to control the water pressure in your home.A water pump controller can be found in many different sizes, styles and configurations. Some are a plug-in type, while others are a full-cased or cabinet unit that attaches to a panel, rack or benchtop.
Some pump controllers have a variety of options, such as rate indication and totalizer features, data logger, chart recorder capabilities, etc. Some are programmable, so they can be easily customized to suit your specific needs.They accept inputs from sensors, transmitters or gauges and adjust and control the flow, level, and/or pressure to maintain desired levels in a process. Some accept an industrial fieldbus protocol, such as CANbus, PROFIBUS(r) or SERCOS, to communicate with other devices.
There are a number of control techniques available in pump controllers, including limit and linear control. Limit control establishes set points or limits that, when reached, cause the pump controller to send a signal to stop or start a process variable.Linear control matches a variable input signal with a correspondingly variable control signal, such as a proportional, integral, or derivative (PID) control algorithm. Fuzzy logic, feedforward control, and advanced or nonlinear controls are other types of pump control algorithms.
Choosing the right water pump controller is an important decision because it will determine how you use and control your water pump system. It can also make a difference in the efficiency and longevity of your system, saving you money and energy while providing more peace of mind.

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