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Pump Automatic Pressure Control are available in different versions

A pump controller is a device that automatically controls the speed of a pump. They are able to do this by collecting information from a range of sensors and adjusting their output accordingly.
They are available in different versions but one of the most common is a frequency inverter. These offer a variety of benefits including energy efficiency and more flexibility for the pump system.
How It Works
A booster pump is used to give a higher pressure to a water supply line that is low in pressure such as from the kitchen tap or sprinkler head. This can help to reduce the risk of water hammer, which occurs when the high pressure pushes against the walls of a house or other structure.
These pumps also allow you to set the exact pressure you want your water supply at so you won't have any cycling issues. This is an important factor if you are using a pump with a 'press control' - these use a lot of electricity so if your pump cycled too much then this can be bad for the electric motor and the pipes that the water flows through.
These types of pumps are a bit more expensive than normal house pumps, but they are usually smaller in flow and run at lower pressures. They are more suited to irrigation systems and commercial applications and they don't usually cycle as much as normal house pressure pumps.

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