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How to Repair a Water Pump Pressure Control Switch

Pressure control switches are found on water systems, allowing them to switch on or off based on the pressure of the water in the system. There are a number of reasons for a pressure switch to malfunction, including a worn-out switch or a leak.The first step in repairing a pressure control switch is to remove everything from the unit, including the plastic cover. If you are not sure about the exact wiring configuration, take a picture or sketch.
A non-contact voltage tester is a great way to test for power in the system. You can also clean the contacts using fine-grit sandpaper.Having a leak at the plumbing connection is a major cause of a pressure control switch failure. It is important to tighten the connection to stop the water from leaking out.Other causes include clogged orifices or debris inside the pressure switch. These may lead to inaccurate pressure readings. Having someone watch over your system is always a good idea.
Eventually, a faulty pressure control switch will need to be replaced. In order to replace the switch, you will need to disconnect the power supply to the pump, and then safely remove all the components.For the most part, there is a simple internal spring mechanism in a pressure switch. This mechanism allows the switch to work when the pressure in the system drops below a certain cut-in point. When the pressure reaches that cut-in point, the contacts close and turn off the pump. However, the switch can malfunction if the contacts are worn out, causing a false positive pressure reading.

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