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Pump Controller - A Digital Control System

A pump controller is a device that uses a computer to monitor and manage a system, such as a pump. Its sensors can read a variety of data from the pump and trigger various alarms when abnormal events occur.Some sensors are triggered by volume and pressure surge, while others can detect temperature changes or other conditions that might cause damage. A controller can automatically shut a pump down when the sensor indicates these abnormal events and turn it back on when they normalize.
The type of media a pump can handle and the user interface are other considerations when selecting a pump controller. Liquid, solids or powders, gases or air, and steam are the most common media for pumping systems.Depending on the media, pump controllers are used for different applications and can vary in terms of user interface, compliance, and cost. Some pumps are designed to run continuously and can therefore be programmed to start and stop based on a set point or timer, while other pumps may be programmable to start and stop based on a single command, such as “on.”
Many pump controllers also monitor operational data – including trends – and store the information for future use. These trend data can be helpful for a property owner when troubleshooting issues, making maintenance easier and reducing the need for a pump professional. In addition to monitoring, some controllers allow users to set up alarms for pressure and flow, allowing them to stop the pump if these levels fall too low or rise too high.

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