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Types of Float Switches

Float Switch
A float switch detects the level of liquid in a tank or container, using a float and magnet system that closes and opens as the liquid levels change. They are used to control devices like pumps, valves, and alarms in residential and industrial applications.

Vertical Float Switch .
A vertical float switch uses a fixed point or an external counterweight to operate the float. The cable length between the counterweight and the switch determines how much the float rises or lowers when the liquid rises. The cable also needs to be long enough to reach the angle required to complete the circuit when the float switches its position.
Field Assembled Float Switch .
A field assembled float switch is ready to use in the field and can be customized on-site with different fittings and switch points. They are great for applications that need quick installation without the wait for a custom made switch to arrive at your location.
Normally Open & Normally Closed Float Switches
A normaly closed switch is normally off and completes an electrical circuit when the float switch is in its lowest position, resting on its bottom clip or stop (for example, when the float is dry). It disrupts the connection between the metal prongs and activates any attached electronics.
Magnetic Float Switches
A permanent magnetic float switch uses a sealed magnet and reed switch to actuate the switch when the level of liquid rises or falls. The reed switch is hermetically sealed in the stem, and the magnet moves consistently with the liquid level on the guide tube which energizes it throughout the non-magnetic walls of the float.

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